We love food. Especially Tasty food. Cooking in our modern world is more much open in terms of international food than it was 20 years ago: people travel, TV programs show food, exotic and foreign restaurants everywhere, imported ready meals on the shelves…Regional habits are still strong, but as mummies are not teaching anymore their daughters to cook, well, tradition is losing her weight. There’s a global move to new international food. Young people are willing to cook again, invite friends around the table, and they want to show what they can do, going eventually to foreign food. Of course, they usually do not have time, and they sometimes do not know nothing about cooking. They need a simple way to cook some nice food, and they want success!
At the same time, food is losing taste, because long logistics, heat treatments, high scale production of industry, the reach for healthier food: less salt, less sugar, less fat, less taste. If we look for an international food, then we speak about rice, pasta, potatoes, noodles… tasteless food. Which means, we need to bring taste to recipes. Some solutions already exist: Spices which must be used before/during cooking at high temperature to be clean and safe. Dry cooking sauces which must be used before cooking and that are not always easy to prepare. Cubes which are full of MSG. Tomato, which is always tomato. Cold sauces, which are always mayo, ketchup, mustard or Tabasco. All these solutions are classic, they have been tried and tried again, the range of taste is quite narrow, and the way of use is not flexible.



Identification of the taste is easy, as the label is self-speaking with a direct link between the taste and the name of the product. It’s a Ready-To-Use product, there’s no need to add water, or oil or whatever ingredient to prepare it.
It’s a very flexible product which can be used at any step of the cooking preparation:
  • As a marinade, a few hours before the grilling
  • As a wet rub, just a few minutes before the cooking
  • As a cooking sauce, poured in a wok or in a frying pan before the other ingredients, as any type of fat, and it will be an excellent simmering sauce
  • As a cold sauce in the plate or on top of the cooked food

No need to worry about the right time to add the sauce, it can use it at any time, taste will be delivered the same.

It’s already a wide range, which means many tastes are covered by this range, and many of them are different of what is on the shelves right now.

Bottle shaped packaging is easy to handle. No need of a spoon to use, product can be simply poured.

Recipes are healthy ones: low salt content, low vinegar and no MSG, no flavouring extracts, no GMO, no Gluten, no Colour, no EDTA… The sauces are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians; they Halal and Kosher certified.

Product is thick, which allows a precise dosage (in the case of a spicy sauce, this is quite an important matter) and which avoid large spilling on the table in the case of knocked-over bottles (safer for the kids around and for the tablecloths).

No need to store it in the fridge, ambient temperature is enough.

Produced in EU (Food law and quality control).